Get Ready for Your Kids to Excel! The Kidz Kourse 2-Day Weekend Workshop is June 5 & 6, 2021








Empower Kids with Life Skills to Think Better, Feel Better, and Act Better at Home and in School

The Kidz Kourse 2-day personal development workshop for children ages 7-12 years old. What your children can learn here will change all aspects of their life (at home, work and play), bringing more compassion, gratitude, empathy and love into your relationships and your life.
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Get Ready for Your Kids to Excel!



Experiencing Self Doubt

Is your child feeling — insecurity, uncertainty, timidity, self-consciousness, fear, inhibition, unease, lack of self-confidence, reluctance, hesitation, sheepishness, backwardness, introversion, shame, embarrassment, quietness, worry, unsureness, indecision, fearfulness, apprehensiveness, having a psychological block, a mental block or blockage, being indecisiveness, or having confusion about themselves and who they are?

Feeling Shy and Unworthy

Is your child hiding out or feeling — shameful, undeserving, unforgivable, good-for-nothing, out of place, pitiful, worthless, out of character, out of place, or not good enough?

Get easily influenced by peers

Do you know if your child is — easily interfered with, easily led, easily manipulated, easily misrepresented, easily hurt, or easily harmed?

Bully or Get Bullied

Do you know your child has been bullied or — dominated, intimidated, timid, unassertive, docile,  constrained, passive, resigned, subject, ground down, treated like dirt, in fear? Or is your child the one who does the bullying?

Experiencing Anxiety

Does your child have in excess — concern, uneasiness, worry, apprehension,  nervousness, angst, apprehensiveness, tension, stress, fearfulness, foreboding, butterflies, distress, doubt, edginess, tenseness, anxiousness, restlessness, solicitude, uncertainty, sweat, misery, mistrust, trouble, nail-biting, ants in pants, or even all-overs screaming?

Experiencing Out of Control Anger

Is your child acting out with — rage, fury,  wrath, indignation, irritation, annoyance, exasperation, resentment, temper, displeasure, antagonism, angriness, animosity, hatred, ill temper, impatience,  tantrums, violence, or just plain old hissy fits?

Having a “Bad” Attitude

Are you fed up from your child’s repetitive reactions to anything you say or do? For example — negative attitude, chip on their shoulder, cynicism, defeatism,  discouragement, expectation of the worst, gloomy outlook, hopelessness, lack of confidence, low spirits, negative thinking, negativism, pessimism, attitude problem, melancholy, gloominess, despondency, depression, despair, glumness, doubt, distrust, sadness, grief, unhappiness, or having angst at school?

Fearing Making Mistakes

What has a hold on your child and is stopping them from completing positive activities — fear of missing out, fear of speaking, fear of school, fear of attention, and/or fear of imperfection?


My children absolutely LOVED this course and they cannot wait to go back to be part of the Angel support team!!!

Ava was talking to her inner child all night and asked me if I would … help her do one of the role plays from the course.

Anthony came home with a stronger voice than he’s ever had and an awareness of the feelings that are easy for him and the ones we need to work on.

This gift is so far beyond what I had hoped. My gratitude is immeasurable.

Tawnya Perry and all your amazing Angels … so much love to you all!!!!

Chris D. V. C.

Working Mom

I am a huge supporter of Lifetime Learning Connections and the courses they provide to our community. Tawnya Perry is one of the most intuitive and experienced teachers in this arena, and I am so honored and grateful to be a part of the family she is creating.

Joshua Noah R.

The Heart, Mind, and Soul Parenting Course for redirecting behavior will be an invaluable asset for parents to have. It is highly recommended for parents whose kids have taken the Kidz Kourse or the Teenz Kourse.

Tawnya Perry

Kidz Kourse and Teenz Kourse, Lifetime Learning Connections, LLC


 Ready to get them help to let go of fear and self-doubt, feeling shy and unworthy?

Ready to have their peers not have power over them, be bullied, or be a bully?

Ready to have them learn how to overcome anxiety, experiences out of control anger, and “bad” attitudes?

Tawnya Perry

Tawnya Perry

The Kidz Kourse Lead Coach, Heart, Mind, & Soul Parenting Coach, EFT Certified Coach

Tawnya’s passion is love…teaching families how to communicate not only with verbal communication but also through our energy and tone.

The overall intention is to get the whole family on the same page, speaking the same language, creating the ultimate “team”.


Emotional freedom is introduced at The Kidz Kourse. We teach the children how to apply emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and how to connect with their feelings in order to show them how they are at choice on how they wish to behave; and how they can choose to respond instead of reacting and then receive better results.

Through self-awareness, feelings of Anger, Sadness, Fear and Shame, are taught to be normal and useful. They explore where these feelings come from and how to appropriately express them. And finally, they learn how to be team members at home contributing to loving family relationships.

Our Kidz Kourse students start to become aware of their internal power.

2-Days of Personal Development in a Workshop with Peers

The Kidz Kourse workshops are two-days of one weekend. It takes the two-days for children to power through issues and have breakthroughs in the first weekend. Styles of parenting vary. Tawnya Perry recommends that parents and children continue personal development through coaching and/or parents taking the parenting/care-taker course on Heart Mind and Soul Parenting. In conclusion, students are encouraged to come back to The Kidz Kourse workshop as ‘angel mentors’ to the next group of students. Lifetime Learning Connections encourages building a community that supports stronger families and healthy teams.  

Exclusive 1-on-1 Conference Call

Tawnya Perry / a Kidz Kourse Coach has a conference call with the parents to share insights about issues that came up during the weekend and how they can support their child with the new tools they have learned.

Guided Structured Action Steps for Attention & Focus

This self-awareness and communication skills course gives children a safe place to explore their feelings for personal development. 

We work with the children on Mindfulness: A simple practice of bringing a kind and loving attitude to the present moment. In addition, we believe teaching them that they are at choice to have a feeling and how to self-calm improves family, school, and friendship relationships. This helps to promote happiness and relieves stress. The activities the children participate in help them to develop compassion, focus, curiosity and empathy.

Community Support

Family relationships see improvement with these new communication tools. Students make new friends with like-minded peers and can connect with mentors. Students become a part of The Kidz Kourse community and can ask coaches a question anytime.

Join a Community of Mastermind Leadership Development

 Ready to have kids excel in school?

Ready to have your kids learn to stay in their own power when things don’t go their way?

Ready for better understanding of what your kids are feeing and thinking?

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Participant Investment:

New Students Optional 3- Payment Plan

Kidz Kourse Students 2-day Weekend Workshop
$220 ea./$660 total
  • New Students
  • 3 payments of $220
  • (recurs ea. month)

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Have more questions?

Q: Will lunch be available?

A: You need to provide your child with their lunch. All students, angel kids, and adults volunteers bring your own lunches. 

Q: What supplies do I need to bring from home?

A: No home supplies needed.

Q: If I have 2 or more children can they attend the same course weekend?

It is ideal for each child to have their own time to be a student separate from siblings in a course.  Questions? Send a note using the contact form below.

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