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Mindfulness Meditation

Children, Teens, Adults, & Parents

mindfulness Meditation helps to open up awareness of Yourself

Mindfulness is used to give kids the tools to use to think before they act.

There are good and bad experiences in life. Yes. The concept of ‘it’s all good’ isn’t true. Sometimes bad things happen. But, we learn what we want by knowing what we don’t want. A bad experience doesn’t have to have power over you. If you have had traumatic experiences that got ‘stuffed’ rather than dealt with, they are ruling your life on the subconscious level. That means, you are no longer consciously in control of your actions and instead, you are reacting automatically to the inner communication going on in the background from your mind’s subconscious. You are living in the past. Does this sound familiar to you? You should want to live in the present. “Should” is not a “bad” word either.


Mindfulness Meditation . . .

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that when practiced allows you to observe, identify, and discover what inner chatter is coming from you (to you) so that you can change it. Take back control. Stop the inner chatter that is destructive in your life. When children learn this technique and use it they see better results. When teens learn this technique and use it they also live happier lives. And, when parents and adults utilize this technique families blossom.


Before you go to bed, or at any convenient time, allow yourself to be in a quiet space, close your eyes and observe what you are saying to yourself. Have the intention in your mind ahead of time that you are just observing and not reliving experiences. You can be specific in what you want to discover or allow whatever comes to mind to show you what is going on within. Giving yourself a few minutes to do the mindfulness meditation as you need it will be giving yourself permission to enhance awareness. Mindfulness is a technique you can use to discover the internal dialogue going on inside your subconscious mind which will help you go deeper into targeting ‘positive’ statements to use for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and/or other energy blockage clearing modalities.

What are the benefits of being more MINDFUL?

We help children, teens, and families make the changes necessary to create the family life of their dreams.

Tips on how to meditate for beginners:

Chris Willitts, founder of Mindful Muscle

Credit for above video:
How to Meditate: https://www.mindfulmuscle.com/5-top-guided-meditations/
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South Auckland School Teaching its students mindfulness:  https://www.facebook.com/1NEWSNZ/
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